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Christy Riddle
Basic Computers, Business Orientation, Computer Applications, Health & PE
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Years teaching: 14; first two years, taught Special Education at the grade school. Have taught P.E., Health, Computers, and Business for past 12 years at the high school

College/University: Missouri Baptist University--MSE Sports Management, Illinois College--BS Physical Education with a health minor, John Wood Community College--AAS Business Management/Finance

Hobbies: cake decorating, baking, scrapbooking

Favorite subject in school: P.E. and Health

Favorite class to teach: Health

Married?        Yes        Spouse's name: Rodney

Children?        Yes        Names and ages: Cade, 13, Kaci, 10

Pets: 5 dogs--Boxer (Jasmin), toy poodle (Rusty), 3 beagles (Boe, Bailey, Buddy), 1 cat (Panther)

What inspired you to become a teacher?   Some of my high school teachers. I loved Health class and learning about the body systems with Mr. Horn. Mrs. Graham was the best P.E. teacher! She was strict but fair and hardly ever got upset. Mrs. Lowe, our guidance counselor, helped me to research college and careers.

Goal as a teacher:   To have a positive impact on students' lives. To help them to learn to take care of their bodies with good nutrition and exercise.

Funniest/most memorable thing that has ever happened to you in school:    I don't recall any. Seriously, my brain isn't wired to hold onto past occurrences. I live for the moment and the future ... not the past.

Fun fact: I used to be fast ... years ago. I still hold records for Junior High track in the 400m and with my teammates for the 4x200m relay.

Phone: 214-242-0864 Email: christy.riddle@phwolves.com Athletic Director