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High School Welcomes New Faces

    School is back in session and there are many new names and faces for the teachers to learn.  This year, however, the students have quite a bit of adapting to do as well.      The most obvious change in the high school is in the principal's office.  Mr. Lowe, the former principal, has switched places with Mr. Shireman and Mr. Edwards.  The pair have helped to implement a new disciplinary system that is definitely taking some getting used to.  They are not wasting any time getting started either.  All new rules and regulations were enforced on the first . . . read more

Aug 22, 2014

Chance to Win $500

    If you drive by the football practice field during the Color Drive, you will see a bunch of people gathered around a goat.  You want to be a part of that group because everyone there has a chance to win $500!     The Juniors are selling tickets for a plot of land on their BINGO board--the practice field.  If it's a fair weather Saturday, Mike Kinsherff will be flying overhead on his glider and dropping a target onto the board.  Otherwise, a goat will "drop" . . . read more

Oct 8, 2014

Save the Date!

    It's the start of the school year so it's also the start of all your favorite activities and some new ones as well!     Parents, expect papers to come home regarding cheer camp.  The performance will be on September 26th and practices will occur during that week.  Further information including the theme, song, and practice dates will be listed in the papers.     Calling all DUCT hunters!  Save up your cash because you're about to . . . read more

Aug 26, 2014

Current Highlights

Pleasant Hill/Western Football: Game 1

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    This time last year, the Wolves were making quite a fuss in the world of high school football.  They beat Triopia for the first time in years.  Evidently, the Triopia Trojans learned from last year because they took the better half of our boys.  However, they went to practice the next night and learned from this experience.  The next game they played was a win!  Keep your heads high, Wolves fans, because they are going to give us something to talk about again this year! read more

Volleyball Team in Action

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    As the volleyball season started up, the team experienced several problems.  They continued to attend practices when things didn't go as planned to work out the kinks. Now, in the heart of the volleyball season, the girls and their coaches, Mrs. Clowers and Ms. Robinson, have improved their game dramatically and they have a bright future for the rest of the year.  There are five home games left so Wolves fans, get to the gym to cheer on our volleyball team! read more