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Spring Fever!

With all of our snow days (hopefully) behind us, the school has entered spring mode! From sneezes to begging to have class outside, it's clear that the season we've all been waiting for is here! Baseball and softball practices have begun and basketball has ended. The track team has also started running the town course to prepare for their upcoming season. Showcase has come and gone so the Chorus class is working on their numbers for the spring concert. And who can forget about Prom? There's so many things to do, but don't forget to study. The U.S. History class has the Constitution test coming up along with the ACT. Mrs. Morrow's . . . read more

Mar 18, 2014

High School Music Students prepare to take on the Capitol!

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A few of the High School chorus and band students are getting ready to take on the Capitol over Spring Break! The 7 students and 4 chaperones cannot wait to leave the school at noon on April 16 to head out on the adventure of a lifetime. They plan to enjoy the 19 hour drive on a charter bus with movies, wifi, and good old fashioned games and socializing. The group will be spending their entire Spring Break in DC enjoying sites like the Holocaust Museum, all the monuments, Arlington Cemetary, and even an Easter Sunday Service. They . . . read more

Apr 14, 2014

And that's a Wrap! A Recap of Showcase 2014

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Showcase 2014! Back to the Past! wrapped up Saturday March 8th. The cast, which consisted of about 28 chorus members, was quite proud of themselves as they felt they all performed very well. The chorus faced a great deal of challenges this year with excessive snow days, missing a total of 10 practice dates. During the Saturday night pre show pep talk, senior Dakota White said it best as he told the cast that he was very proud of how everyone pulled together to accomplish a great show and that he and the other seniors felt like this . . . read more

Current Highlights

Pleasant Hill Alum Travels to D.C.

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     After celebrating his birthday on September 11th, Kenny Wombles was invited to fly out to Washington, D.C. with the area's other veterans.  Accepting the invite would mean finding a ride to the airport in St. Louis, spending the day in the nation's capitol, and flying home late at night.  At 87 years old, Wombles agreed to accompany his fellow veterans on this once in a lifetime opportunity.      The Honor Flight program prepared several surprises for the veterans.  The . . . read more

Quiz Bowl Team 2014

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    As most of the community is aware, math teacher and Quiz Bowl coach Mr. Brian Delp moved away, leaving the kids without a Scholastic Bowl sponsor.  No sponsor means no team.  For months the would-be team members hounded teachers and faculty in hopes of getting a last-minute coach.  When prime practice time rolled around, the recruiting became more desperate.  The kids held meetings of their own and asked Mr. Lowe to get them a coach nearly every day.  Finally, home economics teacher . . . read more

Doctor (Mr. Young)

Name: David Young Birthday: December 14 Where you live: Atlas How many years teaching: 30+ Current duties & responsibilities at PHHS: science teacher Pets: 1 dog and 8 barn cats Hobbies: hunting, fishing, other sports Who or what inspired you to become a teacher: "My parents and a professor in college (who looked like Johnny Carson)" Most memorable moment while teaching: Too many to name just one Your goal when it comes to teaching: To challenge . . . read more