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End of 13-14 School Year is Here!

It's finally May! We're in the final stretch of the 2013-2014 school year! It seems like time has flown by this year and most students can't believe it's already almost over. But they're excited! Seniors have already taken their Senior Trip to Nashville, Tennessee and are fighting a bad case of senioritis to finish up their year. Baccalaureate will be held May 28th, Eighth Grade Graduation will be May 29th, and High School Graduation will be May 30th. There is only a few weeks left of the year and students really need to be hitting the books hard to get grades up to prepare for what's next. The weather is getting warmer and everyone . . . read more

May 8, 2014

Spanish Classes Celebrate Cince de Mayo

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     The Spanish classes got together to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and el cumpleaños de Noah at the Maya in Pittsfield.  Since not everyone was back from Senior Trip on Cinco de Mayo, they resolved to wait until the next week and also celebrate Noah's birthday.  On the actual holiday, Señora Orr taught the class about Mexico and the history of their independence.  They had a blast at the restaurant the next week and thoroughly enjoyed their field trip! read more

May 16, 2014

High School/Junior High Spring Music Concert

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     Tuesday was the Junior High/High School band concert as well as the concerts of both Junior High and High School Choruses.  They performed a number of songs featuring solos or small groups.  The High School group also performed two songs from Shrek .   read more

May 16, 2014

Current Highlights

Track 2014

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The track team this year has had a few injuries this season but they have brought home plenty of medals.  Hopefully, the rest of the team stays healthy and they continue to make us proud at home! read more

And that's a Wrap! A Recap of Showcase 2014

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Showcase 2014! Back to the Past! wrapped up Saturday March 8th. The cast, which consisted of about 28 chorus members, was quite proud of themselves as they felt they all performed very well. The chorus faced a great deal of challenges this year with excessive snow days, missing a total of 10 practice dates. During the Saturday night pre show pep talk, senior Dakota White said it best as he told the cast that he was very proud of how everyone pulled together to accomplish a great show and that he and the other seniors felt like this . . . read more

Quiz Bowl Team 2014

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    As most of the community is aware, math teacher and Quiz Bowl coach Mr. Brian Delp moved away, leaving the kids without a Scholastic Bowl sponsor.  No sponsor means no team.  For months the would-be team members hounded teachers and faculty in hopes of getting a last-minute coach.  When prime practice time rolled around, the recruiting became more desperate.  The kids held meetings of their own and asked Mr. Lowe to get them a coach nearly every day.  Finally, home economics teacher . . . read more

Senior Profile: Kyle Moore

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Full name: Kyle Moore  Nickname: Agent Kyle, Ky-ky, Bubba  Immediate family: Rolan and Tabby Moore, Katie Moore  Prized possession: Matthew Craze bow  Favorite memory: Shooting my first deer  Favorite junk food: chocolate covered raisins  Favorite song: Wagon Wheel  Inspiration: Rolan Moore and Robb Holcomb  Favorite color: Blue  Teacher who inspired you during grade school: Mr. Shireman  Favorite thing about school: Lunchtime  . . . read more

Doctor (Mr. Young)

Name: David Young Birthday: December 14 Where you live: Atlas How many years teaching: 30+ Current duties & responsibilities at PHHS: science teacher Pets: 1 dog and 8 barn cats Hobbies: hunting, fishing, other sports Who or what inspired you to become a teacher: "My parents and a professor in college (who looked like Johnny Carson)" Most memorable moment while teaching: Too many to name just one Your goal when it comes to teaching: To challenge . . . read more